Let’s talk about it.

This is the post excerpt.

Focusing on feminine and masculine attraction – the celebration of how we complement each other.  Men & Women are different – the way it should be.

Today’s society brings pressure on the feminine and masculine natural order.  My intent and purpose, is to help bring us back in sync with each other.

I am not asking you to always agreee with me.  I am asking you to think and act with purpose.   Humans have evolved with a male and female counterpart.  We cannot exist without each other.  Instead of resisting our natural tendencies, let’s look at the best way to celebrate the masculine man and the feminine female.

Ahhhhhh mmmmmm yes!



Always a lady… (except sometimes)

Be proud of that blush.

Yes, I am Army Strong.  Proud that I served.   Yep, I learned a thing or two about cussing, and defending myself along with my country.  Oh and a whole lot about about nothing I wanted to learn about!  But I digress, I learned that I will never, ever fail to be a female.  I will never forget, even with no make up, no high heels, and wearing an androgynous uniform, I am a lady with lace panties underneath it all.

About that cussing thing – I am southern grown gal – so grandma did teach me how to cuss like a lady.   We just kinda mispronounce those words, add a splash of southern accent and a little “uh huh sugah” or “God bless ur lil heart” to it.   (That didn’t exactly fly while in uniform so I did learn to blend in,  Bless my lil heart.)

I can get dirty, shoot guns, crawl through the mud, blah blah blah…. but at the end of the day I want a man beside me.  I am not talking about some shiny white Knight to come save me.  I am talking about a man with scars, knicks, and scratches – who has actually proven he has lived and survived.  Who can’t wait to slosh through the mud with me and see me blush when he rips off my clothes to get to those lace panties!

Many moons ago, back in my college sorority days, we were visited by an alumna and lectured about being ladies.  I must mention that some of us needed this lecture! So one of my sisters challenges this woman saying – there is NO WAY to be a lady getting in and out of Camaro in a short skirt – oh my!  I’ll be gosh-darn-it-all sugah if we did no learn right then and there how to be a lady getting in and out of a Camaro!

Lesson learned- it has actually been burned into my psyche, be a lady no matter what you are doing.

Yes, my fellow females, this means no matter what, from the board room to the bar, be a lady, act like a lady.  Act like trash, get treated like trash.  That is completely your choice.  Kindly remember that all choices come with consequences, good or bad consequences, there are consequences.

Now, I did say sometimes its ok NOT to be a lady, hmmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking… I am sure you can fill in the blanks here,  I started to blush and lost my train of thought…

Be proud of that blush! And love the man who can still make you blush like a little girl.  Never forget, that you are definitely a female underneath it all.   Your blush is beautiful.




My fight for the return of the masculine man.

I was taught at my fathers knee to be a “strong, independent woman”.  He did not want us to be dependent or forced into a situation where we could not stand on our own two feet.  As uncomfortable as it made him, he saw the future.  He knew his daughters would have to work outside the home.  These times, they were a changin’. 

Many moons later when we were all out in the world making our own way.  He finally relented and admitted he may have taught us to be a little too “independent”.   He saw us struggle to do it all.  “Too damn independent to ask for help when we needed it’.”  I recall this lecture clearly.

He also saw us struggle in our marriages.  The power struggles and our relentless inability to give an inch.  And the mixed signals – wanting desperately to be feminine and yet be the one in charge.

You see, he set the standard for what we thought all men should be.  When they didn’t meet that standard and push back like daddy did – to challenge us – lead us. They lost our respect. Our relationships failed time and again.

At the same time we were being taught to be independent and strong, young men were being taught to be more sensitive and to get in touch with their feminine sides.  Today we call this ‘soy’.  As women become more strident, men have been taught to back down and be less masculine.  This goes against nature, against our inner instincts.

The feminist agenda swung way to far.  Women cry for the fall of patriarchy and scream masculinity is toxic.   That females reign supreme.  Allowing this to continue will weaken the fabric of our society.  Diminish the male sex to androgynous beings that women will not respect.

Do not get caught up in the myth that this means women are less intelligent than men, or that women belong barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  Or especially that being feminine means weak.   Like yin & yang – the feminine craves the masculine and vice versa.

I am fighting for men.  I am fighting for men to embrace their masculinity.  I am fighting for women to embrace their femininity.   When we recognize our unique capabilities to complement each other, harmony flourishes in our relationships and our world.