My fight for the return of the masculine man.

I was taught at my fathers knee to be a “strong, independent woman”.  He did not want us to be dependent or forced into a situation where we could not stand on our own two feet.  As uncomfortable as it made him, he saw the future.  He knew his daughters would have to work outside the home.  These times, they were a changin’. 

Many moons later when we were all out in the world making our own way.  He finally relented and admitted he may have taught us to be a little too “independent”.   He saw us struggle to do it all.  “Too damn independent to ask for help when we needed it’.”  I recall this lecture clearly.

He also saw us struggle in our marriages.  The power struggles and our relentless inability to give an inch.  And the mixed signals – wanting desperately to be feminine and yet be the one in charge.

You see, he set the standard for what we thought all men should be.  When they didn’t meet that standard and push back like daddy did – to challenge us – lead us. They lost our respect. Our relationships failed time and again.

At the same time we were being taught to be independent and strong, young men were being taught to be more sensitive and to get in touch with their feminine sides.  Today we call this ‘soy’.  As women become more strident, men have been taught to back down and be less masculine.  This goes against nature, against our inner instincts.

The feminist agenda swung way to far.  Women cry for the fall of patriarchy and scream masculinity is toxic.   That females reign supreme.  Allowing this to continue will weaken the fabric of our society.  Diminish the male sex to androgynous beings that women will not respect.

Do not get caught up in the myth that this means women are less intelligent than men, or that women belong barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  Or especially that being feminine means weak.   Like yin & yang – the feminine craves the masculine and vice versa.

I am fighting for men.  I am fighting for men to embrace their masculinity.  I am fighting for women to embrace their femininity.   When we recognize our unique capabilities to complement each other, harmony flourishes in our relationships and our world.




Author: The Private Woman

Discussing the differences, celebrating the masculine and feminine and how we belong together.

4 thoughts on “My fight for the return of the masculine man.”

  1. Excellent article.
    Found you through one man’s red pill open twitter account as he retweeted (is that a word?) your article. Perhaps most women and some men don’t realize this all started in a garden.

    Could you please write an article on modesty dressing because men are visional creatures?

    Before sex, women go by what they hear, and men by what they see.
    After sex, women go by what they see and men by what they hear.
    ~Sir Guy from What Women Never Hear

    Didn’t know if you take request.
    All my best,


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